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Know your numbers- High blood pressure

High blood Pressure We all hear a lot about high blood pressure but it can be hard to understand exactly what high blood pressure actually means. When you measure blood pressure you measure the amount of pressure against the walls of your blood vessels. Our bodies pump blood around to these vessels and organs in […]

Improving our health as we go from winter into spring

Health and wellness as we go from winter into spring Sorting out our diet, exercise and skin We all tend to hibernate during winter time but now it’s time to shake off the cobwebs. Hopefully you survived the January cold and flu season unscathed. Or if you did end up suffering a dose then I […]

Sore throats in children

It is cold out there and it seems like every second person has some sort of dose and that includes children. We have a lot of people coming to the pharmacy with sore throats. Children tend to get more sore throats than adults. Many children with a viral infection will complain of a sore throat […]

Cough in a child- how to treat

What to do if your child has a cough.   Winter doses: We are coming into that lovely time of year where we get a lot of queries from parents about coughs. It can be worrying to hear a small child suffering and parents often don’t know what to do. However a cough is a […]


What effects Fertility?   A huge amount of women come into our pharmacy looking for advice on fertility and on getting pregnant so I have decided to write a blog on this topic. Fertility is often in the media lately with TV shows such as the Babymakers shedding light on a subject that we have […]

Eczema and dry skin

Eczema: We get a lot of queries in the pharmacy about eczema. Eczema is a very common skin condition. It affects 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults.  The term eczema is often used to describe various skin conditions such as irritant dermatitis and contact dermatitis. For this blog post I am going […]

Constipation in babies

We often get parents in our pharmacy worried about constipation so I have written a short blog with some advice on constipation in babies. I have also included a helpful fact sheet explaining the Dos and Don’ts of treating your baby. This can be accessed here;  Constipation babies 0-6 months Causes; Constipation in babies is […]

Hay fever advice- It’s that time of year

Hay fever advice- It’s that time of year Do you suffer from hay fever every year or have you just started this year. Either way this article has practical tips and advice to help you find solutions to your hay fever problems. 1 in 5 Irish people suffer from hay fever. The first symptoms that […]


Scabies How to recognise and treat a scabies infection Scabies is quite a common condition that we see in the pharmacy. It is contagious and the primary symptom that people report is extreme itching. Scabies is caused by a mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. There is an outbreak of scabies at the moment so it […]

Hypothyroidism- diagnosis and treatment

Hypothyroidism   This is a common condition that we see every day in the pharmacy. Patients do not always get their diagnosis straight away as the symptoms can be confused with many other conditions. If you feel you might be suffering from this condition you should contact your GP or your pharmacist. It can be […]