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Winter wellness for skin and hair

Skin and hair care in winter   Winter months can be tough on our bodies so it’s important to look after yourself to ensure your skin and hair are in tip top condition. There are easy tips you can follow at home such as washing your skin in lukewarm water and always ensuring that you […]

Heartburn awareness week 2016

Heartburn awareness week 2016 Next week is “Heartburn awareness Week”! Heartburn is an extremely common condition that is often referred to as stomach acid reflux. Reflux is where acid flows back from the stomach into our food pipe. This can cause the food pipe to become irritated and painful. People often experience heartburn after eating […]

Why get the flu vaccine?

Why get the flu vaccine? It is coming up to winter time. Winter is  a time of year where many of us will end up suffering from a cold or the flu. While having a cold is never nice it tends to be less severe than flu and doesn’t impact your life in the same […]

Back to school time!

It’s back to school time! While this can be a busy and exciting time of year, it also brings some headaches for parents. This article contains some back to school health information for parents navigating the minefield of headlice and threadworms.   Head lice Head lice spread by head to head contact. It is a […]

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a functional bowel disorder where normal gut function is disturbed and may be associated with pain or discomfort. However there are no physical or structural abnormalities. It is often diagnosed in the absence of other diagnosis. IBS most commonly occurs in people aged 20-30. It occurs in women twice […]